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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Services in Mountain Home, AR

Our laser therapy services can be used to treat a variety of conditions including back and neck pain, arthritis, bone fractures, strains and sprains, disc injuries, sciatica, carpal tunnel, migraines, ankle pain, and more. We strive to help every client feel special and cared for…

For more information about our Deep Tissue Laser Therapy services, please read through the frequently asked questions below or contact our office today at 870-701-5022. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get on the path to a pain-free life.

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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is completely non-invasive, with no side effects or risks commonly found with surgery, drugs, and injections. The treatment is convenient, quick, and painless to administer, which minimizes a client’s down time and allows individuals to stay active while healing. Studies have shown it is equal to or more effective than other forms of therapy. The pain relief is often immediate.
At this time, most insurance companies view laser therapy as an elective, and do not cover the treatments. However, with insurance out of the picture, more money goes toward treatment, effectively lowering the overall cost, and with this, the majority of our clients concerned with insurance are pleasantly surprised with the cost. We offer complimentary consultations which at the end of, you will receive a personalized price quote for your treatment program.
Compared to other therapeutic modalities, results are typically felt faster. Each individual responds uniquely to treatment and some clients may see immediate results after the first treatment. Depending on the severity of your condition, several treatments may be required before you begin to feel results. Treatments are cumulative and the therapeutic effects of each treatment will continue for up to 24 hours post-treatment, allowing you to continue to improve long after you have left our office.
DTLT is FDA approved and should have no side effects when administered by a certified and properly trained professional. After your first treatment, you may experience increased soreness, which will subside within a day’s time. This is a normal healing response known as Retracing. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is safe to deliver directly over metal implants and over broken skin. It can be administered 24 hours after surgery (for post-surgery healing). Our LightForce™ Therapy Lasers are certified to meet ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 standards for medical devices.
Our office is committed to providing the best treatment possible for our clients. For this reason, we use only LightForce™ Therapy Lasers — the trusted name in Laser Therapy for over a decade. LightForce™ is the preferred brand of therapy laser for over 100 professional and collegiate sports teams, including our Arkansas Razorbacks. DTLT is also utilized by USA Track/Field, USA Basketball, MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, PGA, Crossfit Games, UFC, MMA, WNBA and throughout collegiate sports to reduce recovery times and get athletes back in action and performing at optimal levels. Our team will help you benefit from this highly effective therapy!
DTLT is painless, safe and non-invasive. During treatment, clients will feel a warm, soothing sensation and a profound feeling of relaxation — some clients even fall asleep!
A typical course of treatment takes approximately 10-minutes per treatment area, but actual treatment times depend mainly on the size of the area being treated. Acute conditions may be treated daily, particularly if they are accompanied by significant pain. Conditions more chronic in nature respond better when treatments are received 2 to 3 times a week. Treatment plans are determined on an individual basis.
When administered by trained professionals, DTLT is about healing, not masking or covering up a condition. Our main objective is to get your body to a healthy, pain-free state where it can continue to heal on its own, even after treatments are completed. Results have been found to be long lasting.
Not at all! Cold Lasers or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) are the earlier generation of Therapy Lasers — Class IIIb — which lack the power and reach to provide consistent results for most conditions. Our offices utilize Class IV Deep Tissue Therapy Lasers, which have a much deeper penetrating power, allowing the therapeutic energy to reach the impacted areas deep within our tissues where most problematic conditions reside. No Cold Laser can come close to the fast-acting therapeutic effects of our next generation Class IV Therapy Lasers.
During your initial consultation, we will evaluate your condition and any contraindications you have to determine if you are a candidate for DTLT. Contact us today at 870-701-5022 to schedule a complimentary evaluation and Q&A session to see if DTLT is right for you.
Yes, it can be used safely with no side effects. Treatment does not cause heating of surgical or metal implants. In fact, DTLT is extremely effective for post-surgery healing! We see many hip and knee replacement patients for post-surgery care. The exception would be implanted stimulators, such as a pacemaker. Clients with an implanted stimulator can still receive treatments so long as the treatments are not performed directly over the device.
The number of sessions needed depends on a range of factors including age, type of injury, whether it’s an acute or chronic condition, and overall health of the client. In general, acute conditions can be treated more frequently and treatment programs are shorter in duration. Chronic conditions may require a longer treatment program, however, do not need treatments as frequently. The effects of laser treatments are cumulative. It is important that clients adhere to the treatment schedule set by their DTLT professional.
Absolutely! DTLT is often combined with other forms of therapy, including physical therapy, post-surgery rehabilitation, chiropractic care, etc. Other healing modalities are complementary and can be used with DTLT to increase the success of the treatment program.

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I’m Rhonda from C&C Automotive. My job depends on me being able to lift and bend though out the day. When my Lower Back and Sciatica started hurting to the point I couldn’t get under the car lift any more, I had to do something. I went to my doctor and was given pills. When that didn’t work, I was given more pills. By this point I was frustrated. I wanted to treat the issue, not medicate the symptoms.

I happened across the Laser Wellness ad, did some research, saw they had lots of great reviews so I called them up. They handled everything perfectly, listened to me and it was inexpensive, I was very impressed! I started feeling better about the 4th session, but to get to where the pain was completely gone, it took until the 10th treatment. They are awesome! I would highly recommend them to anyone in pain.


Back in early 2016, I was working on some home improvement projects that took their toll on my arms and hands. The pain was nearly constant, I was losing flexibility and my hands would ache all night; I couldn’t stay asleep. That’s when I decided to book my consultation with Laser Wellness [Center] to see if they could help. I was amazed from the get go! After only a few treatments my arms no longer hurt, the pain in my hands had dulled, and the flexibility of my joints started coming back. The treatment was a deep and soothing heat, no pain or burning - it even helped relieve my carpel tunnel!

The laser [therapy] did such a wonderful job treating my hands, that I went back when I hurt my lower back. First, I saw my doctor and was given a prescription but I just wasn’t interested in taking pain pills, so I called up Laser Wellness [Center]. The day before my appointment I literally could not get up out of a chair, but after the first treatment on my back, I felt like a completely different person. I was amazed at how fast the pain went away and how quickly I was back doing the things I enjoy (sewing, knitting and crocheting)!! It [the laser] relaxed my muscles and relieved the irritation and pain. I would recommend the Laser Wellness Center to anyone based off my experience.

Cynthia L

When I first heard of Laser Therapy and the results people were having, I decided to research it. Thought the therapy wasn’t covered by my insurance, I decided if it could give me relief, it would be well worth the cost to be off the drugs that I was on and had been on-I had been having joint pain in my knees and hands and, also Neuropathy in my right leg for several years due to Lyme disease. I had tried all conventional methods and was living on Naproxen morning and night to relieve the pain.

I had a series of treatments for my hands, knees, feet and shoulders. The Laser Therapy lived up to my expectations and maybe more as I really didn’t think the Neuropathy pain would completely go away but it has. I can truly say that the Laser Therapy was well worth the cost to me. Oh, and I did use my HSA (Health Savings Account) to pay for the treatments!

When someone asks me how I am doing, I now tell them about the Laser Therapy and my experience. I have referred my friends and family.

Sybil J.

I haven’t felt this good since last March. I was able to accomplish chores over the weekend that I’ve been putting off for months because of my neck and back pain.

Michael B.

I am so thankful I tried you guys! I have tried so many different things to help with my pain and now I finally have the relief I’ve been looking for - I have zero pain! Now I can help care for my ill brother who lives in another state which wasn’t possible before I started my therapy [Laser]. I’m just so happy and I can’t thank you guys enough!

Ila J.

Some people might say, “Go ahead, try it if you want. You’re just going to waste your money.” Well, I might be out some money, but I feel WONDERFUL! I haven’t felt like this in years - It’s worth every penny, and then some!!

Barbara S.

After doing quite a bit of remodeling last year I found I was left with a lot of hand pain and numbness and knee pain. I went to my family doctor, was given a steroid injection only to return a few months later to be given Prednisone. Neither worked. I received the diagnosis jokingly that I was "old"! (aka arthritis) I decided to take my health care into my own hands since the Meloxicam wasn't working and to find something that would take care of the pain without drugs. I wanted someone to listen to me and understand what I was going through.

Brad was wonderful and explained the process and the science behind it - I just wanted to know if it would work! And It did! I felt improvement in the first treatment on my knee's and my hands improved steadily during the process. I had seen one of my friends in a Laser Wellness ad and after talking to her and hearing of her good results, decided to try it for myself!
Leslie did a great job and I can't thank her enough for giving me my knee's and hand's back, quite literally! I will be forever grateful to Leslie and Brad and that we have the Laser Wellness Center here in Mountain Home. I would love to see physicians recommend them as an alternative to drugs that can have harmful effects. They are a great addition to Physical Therapy as well.

Lisa L.

Leslie is the best, my favorite laser thearpist. I'm experiencing less pain in my lower back and right thigh and have much better range of motion

Eric H.

In 1971, I was broadsided in a car accident that left me with a painful, stiff neck that limited my mobility. I'd been on NSAIDs for many, many years. A couple of years ago a friend, who'd had great results with Laser Therapy, recommended it, so I went for a free consult. The success rate was impressive and the price reasonable, but I didn't sign up right away. Resistant to change to something new and unknown, I waited. Finally, good sense prevailed when I realized that I didn't understand how my drugs worked either, I just knew they had potentially serious side-effects and since Laser Therapy does not have side effects, I signed up. I was so glad I did! After a few treatments, I was able to stop the drugs, and by the end, felt better than I had in decades. Laser Therapy is a great blend of science and technology and anyone should give it a try. I highly recommend it!

Cindy H.

I am left handed. Several years ago, I noticed a numbing in my left thumb, index finger and middle finger. I had difficulty holding a pen. I was familiar with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, and had an orthopedic surgeon verify that it was Carpel Tunnel. I also had a nerve connectivity test run and that confirmed the diagnosis. Surgery would fix it, but surgery is expensive and has a long recovery. A friend suggested I contact Brad Hegaman of Laser Wellness Centers. My friend used Brad’s Deep Tissue Laser Therapy on some back pain and was very pleased with the outcome. I meet with Brad and decided to try this DTLT. After 13 treatments, each 15 minutes long over several weeks, I had regained complete feeling in my thumb and my middle finger. My index finger only had a minor numbness in the tip of it. After two years there has been no regression, and I am thrilled with the outcome.

Larry L.

Both of you are the best. You made me feel welcome, thank you for everything. I will recommend you."

Jo. U

I’ve had knee surgery three times and was told six months ago that my knee was bone-on-bone and I probably needed a knee replacement. I’m a skeptic, but I went to Laser Wellness Center hoping I would find relief.

The staff make me feel right at home. I had a consultation and my first treatment the same day, and was amazed that the relief was almost immediate--so much more relief than I had hoped for!

I'm now on my tenth treatment and my pain is virtually nonexistent. I love the fact that I am once again back to riding my bicycle and working out. I highly recommend treatment to anyone experiencing pain. Go to Laser Wellness center and let them help you. You will be happy you did.

Martin E.

Definitely go there to get pain relief. Brad and Leslie are super professionals in an upbeat atmosphere. They have the latest equipment and knowledge base to help fix whatever ails you.

Patricia J.

They are good people who do a good job. The laser treatment worked well on my tear in the Achilles Tendon.

Peter P.

The staff does efficient work while being pleasant and committed to give good care. The treatments helped the healing of the tear in my Achilles Tendon.

Peter P.

I am so thankful that I had my initial consultation with Brad shortly after he opened Laser Wellness Center. It is because of his expertise and Leslie’s laser skills that I can feel the best possible. I can not truly enjoy keeping up with my grandchildren.

My body ached as I has stiffness in my neck, lower back, and especially, my right knee. Because of two knee surgeries I hurt almost constantly. I could not bend and do normal movements. The deep tissue laser therapy has allowed me to do almost everything I want to do, and for that I am truly grateful.

Joan B.

After 12 years of trying the "next best thing", I know what doesn't work. This [Laser Therapy] works – it's the only thing that takes care of the inflammation and pain so I don't have to have surgery.

H.R. Terrell

You are amazing – you are a miracle worker!! I already feel much better.

Cleta M

After my bout with cancer, the chemo left me with neuropathy in my feet – I had painful cramps and burning – it felt like I was walking on pins and needles. Thank God, I had the guts to come in for a consultation back in May [2016]. By the end of the 3rd treatment I noticed a definite improvement and with successive treatments, my feet felt wonderful!

In my case I still do follow-ups every so often since my condition is on-going. Plus, I’m a busy body, so I don’t have time for pain and I need to keep feeling good. That’s why I love this – I don’t have to mess with pills or creams, there’s no sides effects over-complicating my condition and my treatments feel like I’m getting a massage. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Sheila S